Interval Training

Burn Baby Burn. Our Interval Training classes are 55 minutes of high-energy, full-body training. Half of your time will be spent hitting cardio intervals on our Woodway Treadmills, and the other half will be spent working through dynamic strength training. Whether you’re a speed-walker, powerlifter, runner, or something in-between, there’s something for all fitness levels in our Interval Training classes!


We mix up the pace to maximize results. A journey of Slowing it down, speeding it up, and everywhere in between.. at your pace. Our Woodway Treadmills are comprised of shock-absorbing slats that lessen the impact of hitting the surface and protect your hard-working joints. 


Our instructors have lots of tools in their toolkit to build, strengthen and sculpt your beautiful muscles… State of the Art Dumbbells, Slam Balls, Bands, and more (oh my!). In every class, you will get a full-body strength workout as well as focused exercises targeting either upper body or lower body muscle groups. Did we mention Massive Calorie Burn?


Abs. Posture. Balance. Alignment. Every workout needs some core, and every core needs some working out. We’ve got you covered!


  • Your favorite workout clothes and shoes.
  • Water (we have you covered if you didn’t bring)
  • Your Bad A$$ self (we will bring it out together!)